Frequently asked


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1. How does Sono help? What effect does it have on tinnitus?

Positive changes reported by Sono users include reduced tinnitus noise, reduced tinnitus occurrence, and improvements in sleep and mood. Sono uses pulsed electromagnetic stimulation to target the underlying causes of tinnitus and is not a tinnitus masker.

2. Is Sono suitable for all types of tinnitus?

Yes, Sono can be used to treat most kinds of tinnitus arising from a variety of causes including hearing loss and exposure to loud noise. You should have had a diagnosis of tinnitus from your doctor or audiologist to rule out certain causes.

3. Do I need a prescription from my doctor or audiologist to use Sono?

No, you do not need a prescription to use Cleanhearing Sono, but you should have had your tinnitus checked by a doctor or audiologist to exclude certain causes.  Please also check our list of contraindications. and discuss any questions with your doctor.

4. Is Sono contraindicated for any conditions?

Sono is contraindicated for certain conditions. Please see the list of conditions here. If in doubt, please consult your doctor.

5. Will Sono work for everyone?

Based on the published research and our user feedback we expect between 45-60 percent of Sono users to experience noticeable improvement in tinnitus when using Sono regularly according to the the guidance for use.

Our team is on hand to assist with any enquiries. If you have been using Sono for some time and have not yet seen results, please contact us for advice and assistance.

6. Have you done any clinical trials?

As a startup company, we are excited that our first clinical trial is prepared and approved to run at a leading medical school in the US, hopefully within the next 12 months. The science behind Sono has been thoroughly investigated in many other peer reviewed studies, some of which you can find here.  We will be updating our mailing list and website as soon as we have further news about our own clinical study. 

7. Can I combine Sono with other treatments?

Sono is a standalone treatment for tinnitus relief and can also be used alongside other therapies, such as notched music.  Ask your doctor or audiologist if Sono is compatible with your existing treatment plan.

8. How will I know if the therapy is working?

Any unusual change in symptoms can be a sign that the therapy is starting to work, such as a change in tinnitus pitch or intensity, or periods when your tinnitus is quieter or absent. Relief can be gradual, so you may not notice it immediately.

9. How soon can I expect to feel results?

2-4 months of regular use is typical for patients to start to see effects, and this can vary.  Some users will see earlier results and some will need to use Sono for a longer period. For best results, use Sono regularly as described in your user manual while relaxing comfortably without distractions.

10. Are there any side effects?

Sono offers a comfortable relaxing treatment for most users. A small number of users may experience mild, temporary symptoms such as headache or muscle ache, which should resolve within 2-10 days as treatment continues.

If you are ever concerned about any symptoms, please  consult your doctor to rule out other causes and contact us for advice and assistance.

11. Is it possible for my tinnitus to feel worse when using Sono?

Temporary aggravation may occur for a small number of users, and usually resolves within a few days as treatment continues. You are recommended to follow the treatment schedule as described in the user manual.

If you are ever concerned about changes to your tinnitus, please consult your doctor to rule out other causes and contact us for advice and assistance.

12. What happens if I miss a few treatments, or can't manage twenty minutes twice a day every day?

Try as far as possible to maintain regular therapies. Don’t worry if you miss a few sessions. Just try to return to a regular schedule as soon as you can. You can still expect results with shorter or less frequent treatments, but progress may be a little slower.

13. My tinnitus has improved, but is there a chance that it will come back again?

If you know what caused your tinnitus, your doctor or audiologist can advise you on how to minimise potential triggers and reduce the chances of your tinnitus recurring. Some users continue using Sono on a reduced ‘maintenance’ schedule to reduce the chances of their tinnitus recurring, or for related benefits such as improved sleep and relaxation. 

14. How do I order Sono?

You can order Sono direct online using the information below. Your device will be delivered to your door with free shipping (UPS), usually within 5 working days.


You can rent or buy Sono direct using our secure online checkout.

Our secure payment options include credit or debit card, PayPal or Splitit instalment payments.

UPS tracking is provided so you can track the progress of your package.

15. How soon will I receive my Sono device?

Orders are usually dispatched within two days with free UPS delivery to your door usually within five working days.

16. Is Sono easy to set up and use?

Yes, Sono is designed to be easy to set up and use. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be pleased to help.

If you prefer to set up and use Sono under the supervision of a doctor or audiologist, please check our Find a Clinic page.

17. How do I know whether to buy or rent, or which rental period to select?

2-month rental: This gives an opportunity to experience Sono before committing to a purchase or longer rental period. Some users find that two months is enough to get the results they want.

4-months and 6-months: Our longer rental packages offer more opportunity to benefit from the treatment at a lower monthly price.

Purchase: This is the most cost-effective option for users who want to continue using Sono long term, for example in the case of ‘maintenance’ treatments.  Some users may also benefit from a longer treatment period.

18. Can I extend my rental or purchase my rental device?

Yes, just write to us at before the end of the extension period and we will arrange it for you. A continuation of your current rental or purchase of your rental device will qualify for special pricing.

19. Your website says that Sono is approved as a medical device for tinnitus. What does that mean?

Cleanhearing Sono has successfully undergone an intensive regulatory examination according to the requirements of EU MDD/MDR for Class IIa medical devices. The EU MDD/ MDR is a comprehensive and detailed set of regulations that set a high standard for the quality and safety of medical devices sold in the EU market, involving regular ongoing audits by an EU approved notified body. Our compliance with MDD/MDR is indicated by our CE mark followed by the four numbers (CE 1304).

20. If I need help using Sono, what do I do?

We offer ongoing customer support for Sono users. Simply send your question to and our customer support team will be pleased to help.