Frequently asked

General questions about Sono medical device

1. How does Sono help? What effect does it have on tinnitus?

Reduced tinnitus noise and occurrence, and changes to a softer tinnitus tone are typically reported by users, together with improvements in sleep and mood, and life quality. You can read some Sono user reviews here.

2. Is Sono suitable for all types of tinnitus?

Yes, Sono is a suitable treatment for most types of tinnitus, including chronic tinnitus that has not been responsive to other treatments.

3. Is Sono contraindicated for any conditions?

Sono is contraindicated for certain conditions. Please see the list of conditions here. If in doubt, please consult your doctor.

4. Will Sono work for everyone?

Our user feedback and research on comparable devices indicate that 45-60% of users experience notable improvements when using Sono regularly, following the instructions provided. However, individual results may vary.

If you’ve been using Sono for a while without seeing the desired effects, please reach out to us. Our team is ready to provide support to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

5. Is Sono technology supported by any clinical studies?

The science behind Sono is well-established in a number of medical fields, including tinnitus and related neurological conditions. Its effectiveness is supported by decades of research into the cellular effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields and their therapeutic applications for human health.

We are also planning our own clinical studies and will provide updates on these as they progress.

6. Your website says that Sono is approved as a medical device for tinnitus. What does that mean?

All medical devices are regulated in the EU and UK. Cleanhearing Sono has successfully undergone an intensive  examination according to the requirements of EU MDD/MDR for Class IIa medical devices. This is indicated by our CE mark followed by the four numbers (CE 1304).

The EU MDD/ MDR is a comprehensive and detailed set of regulations that set a high standard for the quality and safety of medical devices sold in the EU and UK market, involving regular ongoing audits by an EU approved notified body.

Using Sono

7. Do I need a prescription from my doctor or audiologist to use Sono?

A prescription is not required. You can use Sono independently at home without prescription for diagnosed tinnitus where there are no underlying medical causes of concern.

Please check our list of contraindications. If you have any medical questions,  please consult your clinician.

8. Can I combine Sono with other treatments?

Sono is a standalone treatment for tinnitus relief and can also be used alongside other therapies, such as notched music.  Ask your doctor or audiologist if Sono is compatible with your existing treatment plan.

9. Will I experience any side effects?

Sono treatment is comfortable and relaxing for most users. A small number may experience mild, temporary symptoms such as headache or muscle ache, which should resolve within 2-10 days as treatment continues.

10. Is it possible for my tinnitus to feel worse when using Sono?

Temporary aggravation may occur for a small number of users, and usually resolves within a few days as treatment continues.

If you are ever concerned about changes to your tinnitus, please consult your doctor to rule out other causes and contact us for advice and assistance on Sono use.

11. How will I know if the therapy is working?

Any unusual change in symptoms can be a sign that the therapy is starting to work, such as a change in tinnitus pitch or intensity, or periods when your tinnitus is quieter or absent.

12. How soon can I expect to feel results?

2-4 months of regular use is typical, and this can vary.  Some users will see earlier results and some will need to use Sono for a longer period. For best results, use Sono regularly as described in your user manual while relaxing comfortably without distractions.

13. What happens if I miss a few treatments, or can't manage twenty minutes twice a day every day?

Don’t worry if you miss a few sessions. Just try to return to a regular schedule as soon as you can. You can still expect results with shorter or less frequent treatments, but progress may be a little slower.

14. My tinnitus has improved, but is there a chance that it will come back again?

Your doctor or audiologist can advise you on how to minimise potential triggers and reduce the chances of your tinnitus recurring. Some users continue using Sono on a reduced ‘maintenance’ schedule to reduce the chances of their tinnitus recurring. 

15. If I need help using Sono, what do I do?

We offer ongoing customer support. Simply contact us by email, phone or web chat and our support team will be pleased to help.       +44 (0)7469 726508

Ordering, delivery, and end of rental

16. How do I order Sono?

You can rent or buy Sono direct using our secure online checkout and encrypted payment options (credit or debit card and PayPal).

Your Sono device will be dispatched with free UPS shipping direct to your door. You can track your parcel using the UPS tracking service.

Delivery is usually within seven business days of order.

To request payment by bank transfer, you can contact us at

17. If I rent a device will it be brand new?

Rental devices are either brand-new or professionally cleaned and refurbished ‘as new’.  If you prefer a brand-new rental device, please let us know and we will be pleased to arrange that for you while stocks last.

18. How soon will I receive my Sono device?

Orders are usually dispatched within two days with free UPS delivery to your door usually within five working days.

19. Is Sono easy to set up and use?

You should find Sono easy to set up and use. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be pleased to help.

20. How do I know whether to buy or rent, or which rental period to select?

2 months: Experience Sono before committing to a purchase or longer rental period.

4 months: A longer rental period for a lower monthly price. Covers the full recommended minimum treatment period of 2-4 months..

6-months: The most cost-effective rental option. Covers and extends the full recommended minimum treatment period of 2-4 months..

Purchase: Ideal for users considering longer-term use.

21. Can I extend my rental, or buy Sono at the end of the rental period?

Yes, when you rental period expires we will contact you with information on our special rental extension pricing.

If you decide to purchase your device any rental payments will be deducted from the final sale price.

If you wish to return your device, we will send your return shipping documents at the end of your rental period.

22. How do I return my device after my rental expires?

We will contact you at the end of your rental period and send you your free return shipping labels. Simply attach the label to your package and hand it over to your UPS driver, or drop it off at a UPS access point near you.

Please save both the inner and outer packaging for your rental return.