The science behind
Cleanhearing Sono

What is pulsed electromagnetic stimulation?

Pulsed electromagnetic stimulation (PEMF)  is a non-invasive therapy that uses safe, extremely low-frequency electromagnetic pulses to improve cell health and activity. This, in turn, creates a cascade of beneficial physiological effects that can help in the treatment of medical conditions.

Over the last 40 years, an extensive body of research has concluded that pulsed electromagnetic stimulation can reduce inflammation and edema, enhance blood flow and vasodilation, stimulate nerve cell growth, and modulate brainwave activity. It is an approved treatment for migraine, depression, pain relief and tinnitus, and is gaining momentum as a potential treatment for other neurological and medical conditions.

Comfortable, relaxing therapy
Suitable for most diagnosed tinnitus
Genuine relief, not masking
Patented tinnitus treatment
Medically approved for home use (CE Class IIa)

How does pulsed electromagnetic stimulation treat tinnitus?

The anti-inflammatory, circulation-boosting, and neuroprotective effects of pulsed electromagnetic stimulation target known tinnitus contributors.

It is also shown to modulate brainwave activity and calm hyperactivity in the auditory cortex – an underlying neurological imbalance driving tinnitus perception. Tinnitus studies show that courses of PEMF treatment, in as little as a few weeks, can significantly decrease tinnitus loudness and occurrence with corresponding changes in brainwave activity.

Pulsed electromagnetic stimulation also works without sound or sensation to provide a comfortable therapy experience that can minimize stress triggers. Many patients describe the therapy as pleasant and meditative.

Is it safe?

Pulsed electromagnetic stimulation has been extensively studied over several decades and found to be safe and effective for medical application, including home use. Cleanhearing Sono frequencies are in the 1-15 Hz range and at the safe, lowest end of the frequency spectrum.

Why Sono?

Cleanhearing Sono is the only medical device of its type, providing pulsed electromagnetic stimulation that is specialized and approved for tinnitus. It offers you the reassurance of rigorous medical device approval, and a unique design and calibration specifically intended to treat tinnitus at home.

Cleanhearing Sono is approved as a Class IIa medical device for home use according to EU Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.