The science behind
Cleanhearing Sono

What is pulsed electromagnetic stimulation?

Pulsed electromagnetic stimulation (PEMF) is a calming, non-invasive therapy that uses extremely low-frequency electromagnetic pulses to treat some medical and neurological conditions, including tinnitus.

PEMF therapy works by gently stimulating cells to work more efficiently, boosting the body’s natural healing processes. 

A significant advantage of PEMF is that it is easy and safe to use. It is approved for a wide range of medical applications, including tinnitus and related conditions such as migraine, anxiety, and chronic pain.  

Comfortable, relaxing therapy
Suitable for most diagnosed tinnitus
Genuine relief, not masking
Patented tinnitus treatment
Medically approved for home use (CE Class IIa)

How does PEMF treat tinnitus?

Tinnitus can arise from different underlying contributors that are responsive to PEMF therapy. These include inflammation, blood flow and nerve function. If these systems are are not working efficiently, this can excite neurological activity leading to the phantom sounds of tinnitus.

Tinnitus studies show that courses of PEMF treatment, in as little as a few weeks, can calm altered neurological activity, reducing tinnitus loudness and improving sleep and mood. PEMF may also be helpful in treating somatic causes of tinnitus by easing tension in muscles and tissues of the head, jaw and neck.

Is PEMF safe?

Yes, PEMF has been rigorously studied and found to be safe for use at home as well as in a clinical setting. 

Cleanhearing Sono uses the safest, lowest PEMF frequencies (between 1-15 Hz). These extremely low frequencies are found naturally in our environment and are in a range that is effective for tinnitus.

Why should I choose Sono PEMF?

Cleanhearing Sono is the only PEMF device that is specialized and approved to treat tinnitus at home. It offers a calming, relaxing therapy and is uniquely designed with the needs of tinnitus patients in mind. A choice of settings and optional features means you can tailor Sono therapy for a highly personalized tinnitus treatment.

Sono also offers you the reassurance of a fully regulated medical device for tinnitus, having passed the rigorous ongoing examination for safety and efficacy required for medical device approval under the EU Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (Class IIa).