• Medically certified for home use
  • Approved for all types of tinnitus
  • Tailored to you
  • Genuine relief, not masking
  • Flexible, transparent pricing.

Rent Sono

Choose from 2, 4 or 6 months rental packages,* and experience Sono at an affordable monthly price:

- Secure online checkout

- Brand new or refurbished ‘as new’ Sono device

- Delivered direct to your home within 5 working days of order

- FREE delivery and free return shipping

- FREE use of the Cleanhearing app (optional notched music)

- NO hidden fees or subscriptions

*Rental packages available for UK, EU and EEA residents only.

2 months £234.00 (€282.00)£280.80 (€338.40)FREE
4 months £369.00 (€445.00)£442.80 (€534.00)FREE
6 months £473.00 (€571.00)£567.60 (€685.20)FREE

*VAT inclusive pricing is representative at 20%

Please select your preferred currency and rental period.

Cleanhearing™ Sono 2 Months
Cleanhearing™ Sono 4 Months
Cleanhearing™ Sono 6 Months

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Product Details

Premium quality and comfort
Secure housing for the specialized electromagnetic coils that deliver the electromagnetic pulses
Excellent sound quality

Convenient touchscreen operation
Bluetooth and Wifi (Optional for the connected features)

Controller:  Dimensions 145 x 130 x 35mm; Weight 320g
Headphones: Weight 315g
Power supply / Charger: Input 100 – 240V, 50 – 60Hz, 0.6A; Output 5V DC, 1.2A, 6W; Plug type EU, UK, Ireland
Adaptor cable: Dimensions 225mm x 4mm
Portable storage / carry case: Dimensions 290x215x105mm

Email: contact@cleanhearing.com
Phone or text: +44 (0) 7469 726508