How Sono works, and
how it can help you

Woman relaxing with Sono therapy

Cleanhearing Sono is an approved medical device that can help manage tinnitus and improve life quality. It works by delivering electromagnetic pulses over the auditory regions to stimulate cell metabolism and calm the hyperactive neurons that can cause tinnitus.

This form of neuromodulation is proven to be effective in treating tinnitus and other conditions arising from neuroplastic changes in the way the brain works.

With regular therapies, results can be long-term, typically starting within two to four months. Positive changes reported by Sono users include reduced tinnitus noise and occurrence, a softer tinnitus tone, improved sleep and mood, and better life quality.

Suitable for most types of tinnitus

The form of stimulation used in Sono also targets other physiological pathways in addition to its neuromodulation effects.

This makes it suitable for most cases of diagnosed tinnitus, including very long-term chronic tinnitus, objective tinnitus, pulsatile tinnitus, and somatic tinnitus.

Sono is also suitable to treat tinnitus in people with severe hearing loss, or those who are not comfortable with sound therapies.

Cleanhearing Sono headphones and controller

Comfortable, personalized treatment

The very low-frequency pulses cause no discomfort or sensation, so you can relax completely while Sono gently treats your tinnitus.

There is a choice of settings plus options to add complementary notched music or other sound, so you can tailor the treatment to your specific tinnitus type and preferences.

For best results, use Sono twice daily for twenty minutes while relaxing without distractions.

Woman relaxing with Sono therapy

Experience Sono for yourself with full customer support

Sono rental packages plus options for instalment payments mean you can experience Sono for yourself at an affordable monthly price.

Sono is easy to use independently at home, and our customer team is here to help. Contact us with your questions on set up and use, or see our user reviews.

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