How Sono works, and
how it can help you

How does Sono work?

Sono is an approved medical device for tinnitus that delivers safe, gentle PEMF therapy to target and treat underlying tinnitus contributors and reduce tinnitus noise and occurrence.

The calming pulses of electromagnetic energy are generated by the comfortable Sono headphones, which you operate with a convenient handheld controller. There is no sound or sensation, so you can relax completely during your therapy sessions.

For best results, use Sono twice daily for twenty minutes. Results are typically seen within two to four months of regular use.

Is Sono suitable for me?

Sono PEMF therapy is gentle, non-invasive and suitable to treat most types of diagnosed tinnitus. You can use Sono if:

– You have a diagnosis of tinnitus from  a doctor or audiologist

– You do not have any of our contraindicated conditions

You can use Sono even if you have very long-term chronic tinnitus, or tinnitus with severe hearing loss. You can also use Sono alongside other suitable treatments such as sound therapy or counselling.


How do I start?

Sono is designed for home use, and you will find full instructions in the user manual enclosed in your Sono package.

Our customer support team is also available to answer any of your questions by email, phone or web-chat.

We offer secure payment options and next day dispatch with tracked shipping direct to your door.

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